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Generate added value from existing data

Discover the Untouched Potential
of Your Data

senseering® helps you to get more out of your data! We digitize your complex and difficult to connect
(industrial) hardware and help you to analyze it through secure and efficient data exchange.
The senseering MyDataEconomy® platform is the 3-in-1 platform for B2x customers for
real-time condition monitoring of industrial plants and smart devices, for AI analyses based on this,
such as predictive maintenance, and above all for trading and exchanging technical data.

Collect, visualize and analyze data. Our senseering_EdgeBox fits every need: It enables you to connect and read small data sets of individual devices as well as highly complex industrial data sets of entire machine parks.

Determine the value of your data. Visualize your data treasures using our AI Manager and find unknown patterns and syntheses.

Trading and monetizing data. Transform your data and know-how into value. With the senseering MyDataEconomy® platform, you can quickly and easily offer your customers data and AI services or purchase them yourself, opening up new monetization strategies.

Awards & Honors

Use Cases

Discover how our customers already benefit with senseering® - Cost savings, time savings, increased turnover - Optimize your company with senseering® solutions.

Use Case 1

Up to 15% time saving…

Up to 15% time saving…

…through non-destructive condition monitoring using structure-borne noise

Use Case 2

Up to 20% cost savings…

Up to 20% cost savings…

…through predictive quality

Use Case 3

Up to 24% increase in quality…

Up to 24% increase in quality…

…by trading material data via senseering MyDataEconomy

Up to 300% increase in turnover…

Up to 300% increase in turnover…

…through usage-based operator models

Use Case 1

Up to 15% time saving…

…through non-destructive condition monitoring using structure-borne noise

Use Case 2

Up to 20% cost savings…

…through predictive quality

Use Case 3

Up to 24% increase in sales…

…by trading material data via senseering MyDataEconomy

Up to 300% increase in sales…

…through usage-based operator models

Our products

The 3 pillars of the senseering® solution

Demovideo senseering AI-Manager


Condition Monitoring

Operator empowerment with senseering®: Digitization with the senseering_Edgebox & condition monitoring with the AI-Manager. Even hardware that is difficult to network can be continuously monitored with senseering. In this way we help you and your machine operator to remain capable of acting!


Resilience Management through Predicitve Analytics

The senseering AI-Manager not only helps to monitor active processes. With senseering® you can recognize disruptions at an early stage and react optimally – this is how we help you with resilience management and accompany you on the way to the data economy.


Shaping the Future of Data Management with senseering®

Do not use your data only for “predefined purposes”, but look at it like a ressource: recognize the value creation potential of existing data sets – monetary, process-optimized. The senseering® solution enables you to transform your innovative ideas into algorithms or AI services and at the same time optimize your processes.

Our vision

Digital transformation &
digital business models

While trust in an analogue market economy is mainly based on personal contacts and branding,
in a digital market economy there is a lack of an instrument to ensure trust and monetization added value.
Our vision is to provide you with the senseering MyDataEconomy® platform, a sustainable, simple and secure tool
to build your own digital ecosystem.

Our platform is made for you

Find the solution that suits
you best


Your Smart Home Application in
our data network


Earn money with your own data, securely and professional


Acquire data and optimize your business processes

Enterprise / Academic

Live your digital dream - designed according to your wishes

Our services include

Start the digital transformation
of your company

Dare to take the step into the digitalization of analog processes!
As a service provider, we determine the digital fitness of your company
together with you and support the transformation of your products, processes or business models.


Senseering Value Proposition

Security & Control

Trust in data

Secure data management

The blockchain-based data management of the senseering MyDataEconomy® platform makes data misuse impossible.
All transactions are stored and verified in a distributed ledger technology.
Although this cannot prevent a violent manipulation of data, in case of fraud the manipulation is immediately detected.

Complete assortment

Complete asset management

The senseering MyDataEconomy® platform works like a data marketplace. It is used to handle the entire trading process and can be fully automated if desired.
Asset management gives you full access to your data and can be cleverly linked to other data sets to create valuable customer benefits.

Decentralized control

Efficient organization and process management

Follow the complete route of your products and data. Our organisation and process management ensures that you never forget a customer requirement and that you can guarantee maximum transparency and efficiency across suppliers.

Smells like Team Spirit

senseering® is committed to and informs itself in several networks in order to be always up to date and to actively participate in shaping the key technologies that affect us.

Achieving goals together and sharing success

In associations and with strategic partners, we actively support the implementation of common goals and interests.